Who We are?
Unit business under Wave Game (Online Game Publisher) company that specializes in literature business.
“Words and sentences have thousands of meanings, if you delve into the wisdom of words, and depict the insight of literature, you will find the world beyond reach of what we called fantasy.”

Our Divisions

We have two main teams who work very hard to make perfect products.

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E - Novel Academy

For writers and authors to join our partner’s platform or to be assisted in depicting their imaginations into story telling through literature.

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Comic Studio

A brand new comic studio that we built stories into visualizations to portray the literature into visual graphics that will attract readers more.

Our Expertise

Professional team, Superb financial condition, 10+ years experiences

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300+ Novel & Comics


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2000+ authors

Authors relationship Management

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1 million+ fans and likes

Readers Market activation

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1 million+ fans and likes

Community building

Our Services

This is our services

Translation & Localization

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  • Novel & Comic Translation and Localization (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Indonesian)
  • Game Localization (English, Chinese, and Indonesian)
  • Movie / TV Subtitling and Dubbing (English and Indonesian)
  • Voiceover Recording (English and Indonesian)
  • Certified Legal Document Translation (English and Indonesian)
Writer Consultation & Training Academy

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  • Author - Reader Relationship Management
  • Author Training & Consultation
  • Writer Monetization Formula (Local Indonesia & Global Market)
  • IP Licensing Consultation
Social Media & Costumer Services

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  • Social Media Management (FB, IG, Twitter, Discord, Tiktok, Reddit, Quora, etc.)
  • Social Media Activation and Consultation
  • Community Building Strategy
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Costumer & Community Service Provider
Comic Production (New Division)

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  • Script Writting
  • Story Board development
  • Character Designing
  • Line Drawing
  • Coloring
  • Talent building
  • 3D modeling & Background

Original Character Design

These are our original char designs for our comic works and light novels.

original character
original character


original character

Victor Fullbody BnW

original character


original character

Violet Head All Sides

original character


original character

3 Thugs

original character

Panel 22

original character

Head All Sides

original character

Beo All

Our Projects

These are our best projects and there are many like them on our website.

Our Translated Projects

More than 100.000+ Translated novels from [CN] to [ENG] and [ID]

cover book

I'm Going Wild For Being Spoiled

cover book

Being a Rich Boy's Mistress

cover book

Back to Life For Revenge

cover book

The Goddess of Healing

cover book

Flirty Woman from the Future

Our Comic Projects

We created original comics by many authors and translated to [ENG] and [ID]

cover book

Mr. Bad Luck

cover book

The Journey of Ling Yan's Life

cover book

Underworld Agent

cover book

Li Gouhai, The Strongest Foundation Cultivator

cover book

Forget River Night Walk

Our Partners

Below are our beloved partners